21st Century Giving: Social Philanthropy’s Rise

SXSW Description

Leaders from top social networking sites share case studies to discuss the trend of social philanthropy. People around the world are using social media in engaging and creative ways to raise money for the causes that are most meaningful to them. Our distinguished panel will enlighten you on what’s happening now and what’s likely to happen next.

Initial Thoughts

I loved this session! It was really awesome to see so many big-name companies really excited to talk about the good things we can do utilizing the internet. It’s true – social philanthropy IS on the rise and with so many people online, it’s become easier and easier to find ways to connect and help all over the world. Social Media can be used for good and I felt like that hit home for a lot of people there.

Key Takeaways

  • “You can use something of value to create more value.”
  • Recognize the power of the individual! Sites like Kickstarter enable that power.
  • Engage your donors and keep them engaged. You want to build long term relationships with your donors.
  • Leverage social media to find donors, sponsors, and to pull together resources.
  • Hope 140 is from Twitter – uses tweets and texts to raise money. One tweet equals $10.
  • Be transparent! Be clear with what you need money for. Be real!
  • Bad example – something you SHOULDN’T DO – look at Susan B. Komen.
  • Connection! Run live feeds when you’re doing stuff.
  • Get your donors to write about your project and why they care. Donors and beneficiaries should be giving out info and tweeting for your project.
  • Matching campaigns work!

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Date & Location

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Austin Convention Center
Theme: Better Tomorrow

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