About the SXYote

In 2011, I attended my first SXSW Interactive and I was absolutely hooked. It was like someone had just dumped me into the middle of a giant alternate universe inhabited only be geeks. I was among my own! So of course I had to go again. Up until a month before hand, I had believed I was going through work. When that ball dropped, I had a month to figure out how to raise money to go. So I wrote a blog post, set up a chip-in, and started courting potential sponsors.

A WEEK before SXSWi was set to start, I got my total funding along with some pretty awesome sponsors, with PA Cares, a nonprofit organization, taking the lead as my biggest donor (those folks are awesome). With their help, I was on my way to my second SXSW!

One of the things I promised to people was that I would take them with. So I livetweeted the entire experience using the hashtag SXYote, and took a copious amount of notes, which is what you find on this site.

I’m crossing my fingers I can do this again next year!

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