How to Raise Awareness Through Blogger Outreach

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Emotion drives action. This session will address how bloggers can lend their voices to raise awareness about a cause, help with fundraising or spread the word about a campaign. We will explore how non-profits can benefit from the power and reach of bloggers world-wide by highlighting successful case studies as well as talk with bloggers who have created non-profits as a result of their passion and dig into what works and what doesn’t. If you are a blogger or non-profit interested in making that connection we can help.

Initial Thoughts

I can honestly say this is the only session that brought me to tears. The personal stories the panelists shared, the heartbreak they went through, and the hope and community they found online – it was inspiring. Inspiring to see how they took that heartbreak and grew from it and learned and how they are helping others to utilize the internet to raise awareness for their causes.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re a nonprofit company – utilize bloggers to spread awareness about your message.
  • Participant traits – passionate, highly engaged, want to make a difference, interested in doing good, sharing messages of hope over tragedy.
  • Bloggers have a lot more power and influence than they realize.
  • Personal connection with cause, personal connection with you = more active participants!
  • Bloggers have great voices. They will do all they can to be heard.
  • Don’t reach out to someone unless you’ve done the homework and know what they do.
  • Mistakes nonprofits make: random contact, treat social media as periphery, one-way relationships, misunderstanding metrics.
  • Don’t make this a popularity contest.
  • Your actions should be aligned with your goals.
  • Empower bloggers to be unique! Help them find their voice!
  • Good elements of partnership: sponsorship, be at blogger events, give incentives to bloggers, in-person interaction.
  • Food blogger bake sale = awesome idea! “What’s cooking?”
  • Provide bloggers the resources necessary to succeed (sponsors, organizational help, tool kits).
  • Believe in your cause. Let your emotion and your passions show. This will lead you forward.
  • Model how for-profit businesses interact with bloggers (ie paid posts).
  • Engage bloggers through social media – post on blog aggregators – use enewsletters!
  • In one day, 104 bloggers blogged about March of Dimes to raise awareness.
  • Blogging campaign key components: promote awareness, relationship building, year-long engagement, campaign integration, fundraising through blogger giveaways and incentives and sales.

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Date & Location

Monday, March 13, 2012
Austin Convention Center
Theme: Better Tomorrow

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