The Business of Kevin Smith

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You’ve seen his films, bought his DVDs and followed him on Twitter.

You know him as an actor, writer, director and founder of View Askew Productions and the SModcast Podcast Network. He’s also the author of bestselling books and smash-hit comics.

Kevin Smith has built a highly successful and profitable media empire over the course of his career, and he’s done it on his own, sometimes-controversial terms.

In the realm of Direct-To-Fan Marketing, Kevin Smith’s only true peers are Radiohead, Trent Reznor and the PIXIES. His true super power is the ability to think and act like a fan — a skill he’s used to build a loyal audience that sticks with him across all manner of projects and platforms.

Moderator Bob Moczydlowsky, VP of Product Marketing for Topspin, will lead a discussion with the polarizing-but-never-boring entrepreneur on the ins and outs of direct-to-fan marketing, the disruption of Red State’s 2011 release and his future beyond filmmaking.

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Initial Thoughts

BEST SESSION EVER! Oh come on, did you think I was going to say anything different? Kevin Smith is one of my heroes – this man has made pretty much every single favorite movie of mine so being able to see him up close and person (three rows from the front) was just amazing. And while the man is downright hilarious, he is also incredibly smart on being an indie curator and this talk was amazing.

Key Takeaways

  • Business comes from the personal. What do YOU like to do?
  • There’s an artist in all of us.
  • Listen to your audience – they will tell you where to go next.
  • Pay you backers and dues back ASAP! ALWAYS! They will work with you next time if you do!
  • Don’t waste money on an audience you know doesn’t care.
  • Our culture is a come and go culture. We forget and move on so quickly. Smaller releases are better for that reason (over time release it).
  • “Hurl your message into the voice and see if anyone has the same idea.”
  • “The fire is always burning brighter in the young.”
  • If you work for the audiences, you have no boss.”
  • “YOU are a sellable commodity.”
  • Now the individual can step forward and do what they wants thanks to the internet.
  • “Kevin Smith is no special person. Everyone can do this.”

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Date & Location

Monday, March 12, 2012
Austin Convention Center
Theme: N/A

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