Sparking Real World Action with Social Media

SXSW Description

Join this fun, interactive core conversation and learn best practices and practical tips for using your social media voice to spark social action in the real world. Whether you care about supporting local schools, raising money for your Cause, or mobilizing your friends and neighbors for a service project or to respond to a community crisis — this conversation is for you.You’ll be working on teams to spark real world action right from the session room at SXSW. There will be fabulous prizes for the winning teams.This session is for anyone interested in being a change agent or standing up for a cause, and for formal and informal service and nonprofit leaders. Found here.

My Initial Thoughts

I love interactive sessions. They’re my favorite to go to because I know the chances of me meeting awesome people who want to change the world are a lot higher than if I’m just sitting, listening to one or two people talk the whole time. So imagine my surprise when almost half of the audience got up and left when the presenters announced that this session was a core conversation that included a small group activity.

Sometimes I just don’t get other people. Thankfully, this filtered out the people who didn’t want to participate and left the hardcore folks to really make an impact in the session. We began with an activity in which we got into small groups and were given the assignment that matched the title of the conversation: Spark Real World Action with Social Media. Using any sort of social media we had access to, my small group attempted to get people on Twitter and Facebook to kiss someone and tell us about it – this act alone gave us 5 points and by the end of the activity we had reached second place with 55 points. Go us!

It was a great start to an even greater session.

Key Takeaways

  • Know your community. Cultivate it. Engage. Listen. Make great relationships – this will lead to people being more likely to take action when you need it later.
  • How do you keep people coming back? Say thank you! Acknowledgement is powerful!
  • Share stories! Have others tell your story and it builds credibility.
  • Always frame and give context to projects. Compel folks to act by explaining why it matters to THEM. Educate them!
  • Don’t exhaust your social capital. Don’t tweet folks over and over again – it’s not about YOU. It’s about THEM.
  • Getting people to compete and have fun for fundraising is great! Strong personalities love to find creative ways to help. (Great example is the activity we started out with.)

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Date & Location

Friday, March 9, 2012
Austin Convention Center
Theme: Better Tomorrow

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