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SXSW Description

From the New York Times to Glamour Magazine, a universal question continues to percolate – why are women underrepresented in the tech industry? Explore the role mentorship plays in building a stronger and more inclusive community, while expanding opportunities for women to ascend to leadership roles. Panel discussion will examine the impact of women mentoring women, the positive results of enriching this community and the importance of empowering such partnerships. This panel will also look at the role men can and should play to open more doors for women in the industry. Engage, contribute and participate as a mentor or mentee! Help build a stronger, more inclusive tech community.

My Initial Thoughts

I became super excited for this session when I first saw who they had on the panel. Cat Posey, the founder of Tech By Superwomen had rounded up quite the cast of, well, superwomen! Ekaterina Walter is one of my Social Media Strategist super heros – I’ve seen her speak before and I love the knowledge that she shares on her twitter. I’ve also seen Nilofer Merchant speak as well and love her perspective and what she brings to the table. The other two women are awesome as well: Leslie Bradshaw is the co-founder of JESS3 and Margo Bloomstein is an awesome brand strategist. It was fabulous listening to these five women sharing their learning experiences and their roles as mentors to other women in technology.

While I didn’t join in the networking afterward, it was pretty awesome to see mentors and mentees teaming up after the session. There was so much talking and mingling that they had to push everyone in the hallway to make time for the next session. I loved seeing so much community interaction going on.

Key Takeaways

  • “Who helps you with your own vision for life?” Everyone needs a mentor. – Nilofer Merchant.
  • “Every large decision I’ve made has been motivated by a mentor.” – Margot Bloomstein.
  • “The door to power only opens from the inside.” – Cat Posey.
  • Be intentional about who you network with. Be strategic! Who should you know?
  • “Don’t let geography get in the way of networking. Virtual!” – M. Bloomstein.
  • Women know other women. Build a women advisory board so other women have access to them!

Twitter Highlights

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Date & Location

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Austin Convention Center
Theme: Better Tomorrow

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